About LuxXpress

LuxXpress offers daily scheduled bus service between Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Diamond Bar, Garden Grove and Anaheim in a Mercedes Sprinter. Complete list of schedules and locations is available under the "Schedule/Locations" tab. 


Luggage Policy

Customers are allowed to bring (1) one piece of luggage per person that weight no more than 50 pounds and the total size must not exceed 62 inches in total dimensions (Width x Depth x Length). Customers can take on the shuttle (1) one handbag, backpack, or laptop bag that fits under the seat free of charge, limit of (1) one bag per person.


Customers who plan to bring extra luggage must inform our office in advance before making the reservation with the exact number of extra luggage, the weights and dimensions of those luggage. Customers can call our office directly 888-800-8003 or email to info@luxxpress.com. Additional fees will apply if we are able to accept the extra luggage, pricing will varies. We have the right to refuse any extra luggage without prior notices. 


Cancellation Policy

Reservation of 1 to 4 passengers can be cancel as long as you call our main office 888-800-8003 at least 24 hours prior to your trip.


For reservation of 5 passengers or more we required at least 72 hours (3 days) notice of cancellation. NO EXCEPTION. 

There will be a $5.00 processing fees per ticket for credit card transaction refund. The funds will go back to the same credit card that was used for the booking. For cash payment, the refund will be issued by check.  

We cannot process any refund over 120 days since the payment is processed. Only traveling credit allowed.

Booking that has been rescheduled more than 1 time will be final and non-refundable, only traveling credit will be issued.  We do not issue any refund or traveling credit for "no show" tickets. 

Reschedule Policy

All reschedule requests at least 24 hours before the travel date and time will be free of charge the first time, and $10.00 per reschedule each subsequent times. Each reservation is allowed a maximum of three (3) reschedules, afterwhich the full price of the ticket will be charges.

All reschedule requests after 24 hours will be $10.00 per reschedule for each passenger. No reschedule request will be accepted within 1 hour of departure time. Please call 888-800-8003 during business hours for all requests. 

Traveling Credits

 We can issues traveling credit in the event that you cannot travel on your schedule date and time. Traveling credit must be requested at least 24 hours before your travel date and time to avoid charges. All requests after 24 hours will be charge $10.00 per passenger. No traveling credit request will be accepted within 1 hour of departure time.Traveling credit is valid for (30) thirty days from the original travel date.


We can extend the traveling credit to a maximum of (90) ninety days. The extension will be $20.00 per passenger and are due immediately at the time of request. 

Please make sure your schedule are in order and correct before using your traveling credit. All bookings with traveling credit are final.

Late Arrival/No show Policy

We encourage all customers to arrived at least 10-15 minutes early for their departure. A customer will be consider a "no show" if they do not check in with the driver by departure time. The customer will needs to repurchase the ticket at the full price.

Unaccompanied Minor Traveler

All children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. 

All children 13-17 years of age may travel unaccompanied. Parent and/or guardian of the minor must contact our office in advance of their booking to fill out the Unaccompanied Minor Traveler Forms. All forms and documents must be submitted to our office and receive approval before the ticket can be book. We reserve the right to cancel reservation without prior notices from parent and/or guardian, or for incomplete forms. 

Pickup and Drop Off Request

We try to accommodate our guests to the best of our ability, but not all request for drop off and pickup outside of our designed locations will be accommodated. Your requests will be considered, but not guaranteed. If we are able to drop off or pick up from your requested areas, there will be an additional fee for the service. Please advised the agent or leave a note when booking your reservation. An agent will contact you by phone or email whether we can arrange for the pick up/drop off and the additional fees.


 Our Vehicles

All vehicles are Mercedes Sprinter. There is no restroom on board. Maximum capacity per shuttle is (14) fourteen passengers. 

From Garden Grove/Anaheim, you will board a Toyota Sienna and will transfer to the Mercedes Sprinter at Diamond Bar.


Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangement are first come first pick. If you would like to reserve a specific seat, please notifiy the office at the time of booking (either over the phone or leave a note when booking the ticket.) Additional fees will apply for seat reserve, not all seat reserve requests are guaranteed.


Schedules & Locations

For a complete list of all our schedules and locations click on the Schedules/Locations tab at the top of the page. Please notify our office 24 hours in advance if you needs to change your pickup location.


We offers $5.00 off per ticket discount for children 12 years old and under, and for senior 65 years and older. The full price will be charge at the time of purchase and the discount will be credited back to the credit card after the age is verified. 


Credit Card Payments

There is a $5.00 fees for any credit card transaction $35 or under. 


We do not allow any type of alcohol & smoking inside our shuttle. 


All package must be drop off and pick up at our office. Package will not be accepted for drop off or pick up with the driver, it must be check in with the agent at the office. Package on the 8AM shuttle will be available for pick up same day at the office (depends on traffic conditions) and package on the 2PM & 7:30PM will be available for pick up next business day. Customer that want to sent package on the 8AM shuttle, we suggest that you drop off the package at the office the day before. Please provide our office with the name and phone number of the recipient and we will contact them when the package is avaible for pick up.

We reserve the right to inspect all package and the right to refuse any package with restricted items that we cannot accept. Pricing will varies and due at the time of drop off. 


 These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice