Frequently asked questions

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Tickets can start as low as $19.99**

=>     7:45 AM  from LOS ANGELES

=>     8:00 AM from  MONTEREY PARK

=>     8:15 AM from DIAMOND BAR

=>     2:30 PM Las Vegas Gold Coast & South Point (to Los Angeles/Monterey Park/Diamond Bar only)

**Tickets start at $19.99 and up. Limited amount of tickets available for $19.99. Only on selected dates, exclusion applied. Please check online for the most current pricing. 

The $19.99 ticket routes are subject to change at any time. Limited availability. Exclusion applied. 

Each ticket purchased allowed customers the following luggage/bag:

(1) one checked luggage/bag with the maximum weight of 50 pounds and the longest length must not exceed 30 inches in dimensions. 


only (1) one of the following items customers can bring inside:

*hand-bag/purse and laptop bag: up to 15.5 inches in longest length 

*backpack: up to 16.5 inches in longest length (standard size backpack is 16.5 x 12.5 x 5.5)

Note: multiple shopping bags/groceries bags will be considered as extra bags and will be charged per bag. 

Customers who plan to bring extra luggage must inform our office in advance before making the reservation with the exact number of extra luggage, the weights, and dimensions of that luggage. Customers can call our office directly at 888-800-8003 or email [email protected]

An additional fee of $10.00 per extra luggage, up to the maximum size of the checked luggage, will apply if we are able to accept the extra luggage. Over-sized items such as golf bags, fold-able bicycle and scooter, coolers, etc. are not considered as luggage. They will be charged a flat fee per item. We have the right to refuse any extra luggage without prior notices.

Our maximum liability to you for any loss or damages to your luggage is $30.00 per passenger for any such loss or damages to luggage. Luxxpress will only be responsible to reimburse passengers up to the maximum liability limit of $30.00 in the event of negligence on the part of Luxxpress. If you have any item in the luggage that worth more than this amount, Luxxpress will not pay anymore. We encourage you to keep you all the valuable belongings with you at all times. We are not responsible for lost luggage if you fail to check the bag in with the driver before boarding the bus and/or remove of luggage out of the bus before your arrival. For luggage loss or damage claim please email [email protected]. Please allow up to 14 days for Luxxpress to inspect the claim and get it process for you.

Luxxpress cannot accept responsibility for any carry-on luggage that gets lost or damaged. You are responsible throughout the trip to have your carry-on bag with you, including when getting off the bus for a break. 

All of our vehicles are Mercedes Sprinter. There is no restroom on board. The maximum capacity per shuttle is (14) fourteen passengers.

From Garden Grove/Anaheim, customers will board a Toyota Sienna and will transfer to the Mercedes Sprinter at Diamond Bar.

The seating arrangement is the first to come the first pick. If customers would like to reserve a specific seat, please notify the office at the time of booking (either over the phone or leave a note when booking the ticket.) 

An additional fee of $5.00 will apply for each seat reserve, once the request has been made by the passengers, the fee will be due regardless if the shuttle is at full capacity. This is to ensure fairness for all passengers that arrived early at boarding. Not all seat reserve requests are guaranteed, it is based on availability. 

The front seat is currently not available; the front seat is only available when the shuttle is at full capacity. 

Please check our website for pricing on your intended travel dates. Prices can vary based on holiday dates, and when the shuttle is reaching maximum capacity. Any promotional/sale price is only valid for online booking. 

Walk-in cash payments and over the phone payments will be more than online pricing. Please call our office to confirm the cash payments price on the day of walk in.  

We reserved the right to cancel any reservations in the event of a system error and/or pricing errors. The reservation will not be processed and customers will need to repurchase their tickets. 

No. We do not require passengers to print out their tickets/confirmation email. 

Passengers can check in with the exact same name they booked with and the order number. 

Passengers can also show the confirmation email from their phones. 

Only one discount can be used per booking. 

Stamp Cards

Stamp cards are only valid for one way trips, cannot be used in conjunction with a round trip ticket purchase. Passengers must purchase the one way ticket at full price first online to reserve their seat; once the stamp card is received by the driver the passengers will have their one way ticket reimburse back to their original payment method. 

Yes! We do accept international credit card payments. 

Yes! We accept packages on our shuttle routes. We do not deliver the packages to the recipients’ locations. They must come to our locations for pick up. 

All packages must be paid by the senders upon dropping them off with the driver, we currently will not accept any C.O.D. package. Make sure the sender and receiver’s names and phone numbers are on the packages. If the receiver missed the pick up of the packages on the send date, they must contact our office to arrange and confirm the pick up date and time of the next shuttle going out. 

We do not accept restricted items such as alcohol, medicines, pills, and vitamins (even over the counter or vitamins). We reserve the right to ask customers to open seal boxes to inspect items prior to accepting. 

Failure to pick up the package two times will result in an additional charge of the original amounts paid. Only cash will be accepted to release the packages. Any packages that are not picked up within 5 days from the send date will be discarded unless the sender or receiver contacts our office. 

The minimum we charge for packages is $15.00 and an increase in price according to size.

Longest length of the package:

up to 1FT = $15.00
up to 2FT = $25.00
up to 3FT = $35.00
4FT and above = required prior notice and approval from office

*the width will be measured up to 3FT to consider as 1 package. Anything over 3FT will be considered as second/third packages. Taping multiple packages together will still be considered as multiple packages if they exceed the dimensions. 

We will not take anything over 20lb without prior notice. Tickets booked online are for traveling passengers only; we WILL NOT accept online tickets booking for packages. Tickets that are booked with this intention will follow the same cancellation policy. 

Due to the ongoing concern of the COVID-19 Virus, we will not allow any customers in our offices. Please plan to pick up your package when the bus arrived at the locations. We will make an effort to call you to pick up the package but it is not guaranteed. We encourage you to call our office to get the estimated arrival time of the bus and arrive at the location 10-15 minutes BEFORE the bus arrival. ZYQMP8Q6

Our maximum liability to you for any loss or damages to your package is $30.00 or the amount paid for sending the package (whichever is less) for any such loss to the package. Luxxpress will only be responsible to reimburse up to the maximum limit of $30.00 in the event of negligence on the part of Luxxpress. Customers are responsible to package the item(s) being sent securely, especially if the item is fragile in nature. Luxxpress is not responsible for damaged packages due to improper packaging by customers; all packages (with the exception of envelopes) will be stored in the back of the shuttle with all the luggage. We also advise customers not to send anything of high value as our maximum liability will only be $30.00.

We reserve the right to inspect all packages and the right to refuse any package with restricted items that we cannot accept. Pricing will vary and due at the time of drop-off.

We do not offer hotels pick up and drop off for our regular shuttle service.

However, we do offer private transfer service with door-to-door service. Pricing can be inquired by filling out the form on the Private Transfers page.

We do not provide parking. We suggest passengers plan in advance for their vehicles parking prior to their trips.

Yes! Passengers traveling with their children need to purchase separate tickets for their children. 

Passengers also need to bring their own baby car seat and/or toddler booster seat as we do not provide them. It is required by law for children within a certain weight and height.

All children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

All children 13-17 years of age may travel unaccompanied. The parent and/or guardian of the minor must contact our office in advance of their booking to fill out the Unaccompanied Minor Traveler Forms. All forms and documents must be submitted to our office and receive approval before the ticket can be reserved. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation without prior notices from the parent and/or guardian, or for incomplete forms.

We make one scheduled stop in between. Usually, it will be at Barstow (the mid-way point). But can be other locations depends on the traffic situation. 

We do not allow pets.

Service animals are allowed. 

Service animals as defined by the ADA and under the state disability laws are permitted. Any other live animals, including but not limited to, pets, emotional support animals, therapy animals, and animals used for demonstration are prohibited. Luxxpress reserves the right to exclude service animals if they pose a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers (i.e. aggressive behavior, not housebroken, or handler cannot control animal). 

Any passengers that are found to hide their pets while onboard the shuttle will be drop off at the next closest stop and their ticket will be forfeited; if it is a round trip ticket, the return portion of the ticket will also be cancel and forfeited. Luxxpress will not be responsible for the remainder of their trips after their drop off and reserve the right to refuse service on future bookings. 

Customers are advised to keep all valuable personal belongings in their person at all times. Luxxpress is not responsible for any items left inside our vehicle after customers have departed the bus at their arrival. Any items found inside the bus has to be claim and pick up by customers by the next bus departure. After which, all unclaimed items will be dispose of.